YACM Professionals Seminar

     Evidence suggests that UUCM is indeed
growing, with more persons taking on paid positions to coordinate, direct and
provide ministry to Young Adults/Campus Ministry. At the 1st Young
Adult & Campus Ministry Religious Professionals gathering in Kansas City two years ago there was considerable energy and collective vision for stronger, longer-term,
growing Campus/Young Adult Groups, Programs and

 One of the primary feedback I have
received throughout my work at the UUA is the appreciation people have for their
relationships and learning from one-another.  I believe this is a significant
factor in the success/failure of our Young Adult & Campus Ministry

  Our learning curve is high, our time is often short and
transitional, funding is tentative, you’ve probably heard the story.  All of you
have been inspirational to me in your local and district campus ministry work,
and have brought a strong self-taught seek-out-what-you-need ethic.  This works
for us, but I believe that long-term this is not

Thus the following

YACM Professionals

What: A bi-weekly
teleconference/online seminar addressing themes of Young Adult & Campus
Ministry volunteer coordination, organizational development, conflict,
anti-oppression, etc.  But maybe this should be weekly for XXX

Who: Any leader active with a UU
Campus Group or UU Young Adult Group.  Recruitment targeted to persons in paid
positions, however volunteer leaders would be welcome.  Propose that a
requirement be made of any paid position receiving UUA grant funds for YACM

How:  A well-facilitated series of
XXX (6 to 8) teleconferences/online meetings held every two weeks over 3 months
(or some other short term schedule).  I am still investigating the logistics of
online meetings, these may happen concurrently with a teleconference as well as
be in place of a teleconference depending on the group.  This would be held
twice a year, Fall and Spring. 

When:  Begin a trial Seminar April
15th-June 15th  

Faciitator:  I would facilitate the
overall Seminar with participants taking turns leading off discussions with
short presentations at least once each during the

Cost: Not sure here, perhaps $10.00
USD would make it more meaningful for folks, but maybe it should just be


Week 1 – Overview of the Course,
Introductions, Resources-to-Study

Week 2 – The Structure of Campus
& Young Adult Ministry: Groups, Congregational-efforts, Social

Week 3 – Organizational Issues:
Meetings, Congregational-connections

Week 4 –

Week 5 – Funding for Campus/Young
Adult Ministry

Week 6 –

Week 7 –

Week 8 –

I’ve talked with the UUCM Advisory
Committee and Michael Tino about this, what are your thoughts about taking this
to the “reality” level?

Download Draft Syllabus.doc


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