Iowa Hosts Continental Conferences

I am heading to Boone, IA for the annual spring meetings of the C*UUYAN Steeing Committee and the planning teams of Opus and ConCentric.  We will be at Camp Hantesa which is the home of Opus & ConCenetric 2005.  Of note is the first spring meeting (2nd in the year) of the C*UUYAN Conferences Planning Committee (CPC).  Not only is this an exciting development (2 meetings instead of 1, more time, better plans, happier people) but there are critical issues to address – namely General Assembly Young Adults which lost all three of their elected leaders (Mark Chapman, Facilitator, Andrea Townsend & Chris Wullf Co-Moderators).

Darrick Jackson the outgoing Facilitator will be convening the C*UUYAN Steering Committee and CPC Chair Ella Hereth may likely turn the reins over to Elandria Williams and Claire Sexton as the union local she organizes is likely to be on strike.  I will be at the meeting for one full day, Saturday, helping with logistics, bringing institutional history, advising, supporting, and potentially talking about the Regional ConCentrics idea I posted about earlier.


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