Opus and ConCentric May Hit 200

For the first time in a decade Opus and ConCentric will be in the heartland of North America, so to speak.  As the Opus and ConCentric community have grown since 1999, the location has remained along the edges of the United States and Canada.  Even so, the turn out for Opus and ConCentric has been dramatically higher than it was in the early to mid 1990’s with participants coming from nearly all UUA Districts and CUC Regions.  We have generally averaged close to 100 for ConCentric and 125 for Opus, totaling around 175 distinct persons betwen the two.  I believe we will hit 200 for Opus and 100 for ConCentric again.  ConCentric I think has reached its apex in terms of numbers, and that ultimately the best way to increase our relationship with local young adult & campus leaders will be do provide more regional event/meetings to facilitate quality networking and leadership development.  ConCentric with 250 persons wouldn’t be the same experience as four regional events with 75 persons each.  The intimacy, connection, dialogue and relevance are higher at a local level if you can achieve a turnout of 50 or more.  Of course, extremely low turnouts regionally would not be desirable.  We need to put our energy into building bonds between folks in neighboring districts, not to mention neigbhoring congregations.


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