God God God

I believe that there is a powerful spirit that all of humanity has a relationship with.  Many call it God, others Allah, Yahweh, there are as many names as there are stars in the universe.  My relationship with this spirit, whom I choose to call God, is symbiotic one.  We are like partners who when there is consensus between us there is true joy.  But at times there is disagreement, and we must work to strengthen our communication, our trust with each other.  Growing up in a humanist Unitarian fellowship on the edges of Portland OR, I learned a humanist perspective of the divinity of people and living spiritually in absence of God of many names.  I can trace my belief in a universal God, Spirit of Life, to my earliest memories.  The act of prayer, calling out for connection with the power and presence of spirit around all of us, is both calling for divine wisdom to help guide me and moving into a spiritual place of deep contemplation.  There is a conversation here, that is not with another human, that may not ultimately provide me with a final decision but is truly a part of my life process.  In what God (or G*d as Elisabeth Schulesser Fiorenza writes) do you believe? 

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