Lily Sparks to work in the Youth Office June 2005

Longtime DRUUMM Youth Activist Lily Sparks, also close personal and family friend, was selected to be the new YRUU Programs Specialist beginning June 1, 2005.

Updated 4/13/05 – Lily has started her own blog!  Just Resting My Eyes: Movie Reviews vs. Sleep.

I’ve known Lily for years through the UUA work, we’ve collaborated and mentored each other through antiracism work and community organizing. I’ve been impressed with her artistic commitments, musical performance skills, political consciousness raising and her ongoing struggle to integrate all of these into her everyday life while paying the rent.

I look forward personally to having her around at the UUA on the 5th Floor where the Youth & Young Adult & Campus Ministry Offices have space at 41 Mt Vernon in Boston. It will be a different feeling day-to-day. I need to give her a call soon!

Lily is the second from the left.


2 responses to “Lily Sparks to work in the Youth Office June 2005

  1. Has she been hired as YPS or as the Youth Ministry Associate?

    Given the letter you post from Rev. Sinkford, I would suspect the latter.

  2. My understanding is that she was already hired as a YRUU Programs Specialist. It is for the next person that the YMA designation is applied.

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