Unitarian Jihad – Everyone’s doing it

Chris Walton at Philocrities provides a nice update on the phenomena of Jon Carroll’s Unitarian Jihad humor column last week.  I finally took 5 minutes to read the work and had a good chuckle.  Since THOUSANDS are posting and responding to Unitarian Jihad, I figured I’d let readers here get the scoop as well.  There is an active discussion complete with hundreds of newcomers introduced to Unitarian (Universalism) through this SF Chronicle piece at a "Unitarian Jihad livejournal" site.

Chris writes a nice postlude to his recent April 12th update:

A few caveats: Buzz about a humor column is obviously more fleeting than commentary about a church’s rejected ad or news stories about a church’s controversial stand on homosexuality. Unlike blog buzz about the United Church of Christ or the Episcopal Church, the Unitarian Jihad buzz isn’t about our congregations even though it clearly reflects our congregational culture (for good and bad). But it conveys key features of our religious life and vision and introduces half of our name to all sorts of people who didn’t know there was a name for such a worldview. I say let’s find some ways to tap into that interest.


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