CTTF Portland May 2006

The NCCCUSA Ecumenical Young Adult Ministries Team sponsors a national conference for young adults every other year.  In 2006, "Come to the Feast" (CTTF) will be held in Portland, Oregon.  Yeay for hometown location!  Previously it was held in Tampa (04), San Diego (02), Chicago (00) and Atlanta (98).  Previously Rob Cavenaugh Keithan served on the Team and has come back as special guest convenor at CTTF.

At the San Diego CTTF we had a delegation of 8 Unitarian Universalists, there were only 3 in Tampa.  It is a great place to meet and bond with our Christian sisters and brothers in a young adult context.  I find it particularly teachable as a seminarian.  Registration material to be available by November 2005.  CTTF is split into a Part I event focused on practiioners/professionals of young adult ministry and Part II is a general conference participating in discussions and activities building on Part I.


One response to “CTTF Portland May 2006

  1. Come to the Feast 2006

    Joseph Lyons-Santos of Radical Hapa announced the 2006 National Council of Churches Come to the Feast Event. It’ll be in Portland, Oregon next year.

    We have gobs of notice. Since it is one of the few unabashed Christian things the UUA participates i…

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