Campus Ministry Trainings

Seeking Hosts for Fall 2005 Regional UU Campus Ministry Trainings

June 1, 2005 Deadline

Host application available at

Or by contacting Joseph Santos-Lyons or toll free 1-877-270-3302

The UUCM Training Program is expanding!  Our YACM experienced facilitators are excited to come to your congregation/campus to lead a 1 ½ day “Level 1: Intro” or “Level 2: Intermediate” training. 

The “Level 1: Intro” training promises to provide participants with the theological and organizational framework for organizing UUCM, fostering campus-congregation connections, building relationships and introducing UUCM Resources including outreach, internet, curricula and leadership support.  1 ½ days usually Friday night through Saturday 5 PM.

The “Level 2: Intermediate” training is a *new* effort to lead participants through a deeper exploration of issues such as spiritual development/worship, social justice, growth and outreach.  4 hours to 1 day.

Successful hosts will have a 3-5 person team committed to organizing the meals, training facilities, local information and outreach to other UUCM groups in the UUA District and/or CUC Region.

The UUA works closely with the hosts in assigning trainer-facilitators, printing publicity brochures, handling registration and providing seed money for expenses.

Please consider hosting a Regional Campus Ministry Training (RCMT) for Fall 2005 between September and November.


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