Baseball UU Spiritual Intensive

Stl_logobanner_primary_1 With the new season upon us, I am reminded of the final issue of Rev Charlie Kast’s Baseball Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Intensive (b.u.u.s.i.) that I’ve been carrying around since Dec 25, 2003.  A journal for people for whom baseball is a spiritual journey.  I have reclaimed my inner youth-love for baseball, not necessarily my card collecting and card convention organizing days (even imagined opening my own card store, Lyons Cards Inc.) but more just the following of the seasonal baseball liturgy.  The b.u.u.s.i. newsletter is a collection of articles, essays and sermons by UU ministers and updates on the fantasy league results.  Rev Bill Gupton won the 2003 pool by selecting the winners of each division and mvp/cy young.

In this final issue Rev Emily Gage  writes for the UU Church of Joliet on "Fun and Stressful Games", Rev Daniel Kanter offers a nice piece called "Is Bud Selig the Devil", and Rev Rebecca Cohen (who I think I met at Meadville years ago) offers a sermon delivered to the Accotink UU Church on "Rebecca’s Top Ten Religious Lessons from the Sport of Baseball."  I would love to see this group re-ignite.

Charlie offers these wonderful words on baseball:

baseball is the universal story: an odyssey in which the individual leaves home in search of truth and meaning in life.  the hero is aided by teammates who sacrifice for him and assist him on the journey.  enemies oppose her and try to put her out.  after many trials, the hero finds success only in returning home again.


3 responses to “Baseball UU Spiritual Intensive

  1. woah. way to make the universe seem really, really smaill.

    thanks for weirding me out (again) by being the cards fan… from portland!

    emily gage? just met her this weekend, in between the last two times i’ve talked to you.

    and daniel kanter? i remember when that guy was an intern at my church. man, he was way cool.

  2. hey Marcus
    yo man, i WAY love the cards, been a fan since i was a teenager in 1982. or a little kid, whatever, i always feel like a little kid when the cards are on it, and even when they’re not. but this could be OUR YEAR bro!

  3. claire to the bear

    bill gupton? where is he!?! he was a bigtime youth advisor in ym early YRUU days. i guess i’d heard he was maybe gonna go into the ministry, but it’s official i guess!

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