Continental YRUU Discussion Expands

Former YRUU leader Tim Fitzgerald has started a new blog entitled "Fairly Balanced" at in part to provide his own opinion and analysis on the current state of continental YRUU.  He recently posted on the YRUUer LiveJournal Site that has grown nearly as rapidly as the primarily young adult-led site.  It is amazing how hundreds if not thousands of youth and young adults are turning to the internet for deep and meaningful conversations about our faith and of course, our politics and culture.  Interestingly, many of the members of the YRUU Steering Committee keep journals on Livejournal.  This is not the case for the C*UUYAN Steering Committee or really for most UUA groups that I am aware of.  In Portland OR there is an effort to encourage and track the blogging of elected and appointed officials by a lefty democratic site started up by an old acquaintence of mine from High School Kari Chisolm.  It is in part this site that inspired me to start this daily blog.

One response to “Continental YRUU Discussion Expands

  1. Hey J…. Just ran across this. Looking good. Keep it up.

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