UUA Id-BM Consultant Projects 2005

Taquiena Boston, Director of the UUA Identity Based Ministries Staff Group and President’s Representative to the Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Team (which I believe is changing its name soon) announced the following people working on projects for the UUA that relate to Persons of Color:

Miguel Ortega – General Assembly-related activities for Latina/o and Hispanic UU groups

Leon Spencer – POC identity development curriculum

Leslie Takahashi-Morris – Multiracial Families and Families of Color Retreats guide (assisting volunteer James Coomes)

Elandria Williams – Youth of Color Leadership Development Conference


2 responses to “UUA Id-BM Consultant Projects 2005

  1. You probably don’t remember me but we met briefly at the Dolores Huerta event at First Church during GA last year.

    Would it be possible to put me in contact with Miguel? Either pass my email address on to him or pass his on to me? I’m really interested in making some contacts with people who are doing things around latino/a UUs’ concerns. And since I very rarely make it outside of the general LA area due to time and money considerations I’m very out of the loop in terms of what’s going on in other places.

  2. Hi Sarah
    Please contact Taquiena Boston, tboston@uua.org
    Good luck, post your results here if you can!

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