Taking Vacation (Halo Halo)

Officially, I’m on vacation now!  Yeay!  Chilling in Project 4, Quezon City, Philippines with my love’s family and friends.  While I’m a’ missin’ Aimee, we are surving here.  Gabriel is having a blast with his 3 uncles (tito’s Carlo, Jorick and Francis), grandma (lola), grandpa (lolo), aunt (tita Aloydia), and a dozen other god-parent aunti/uncles from Manila.  There are several kids he has become close to when he was in preschool here last Fall, and watching him play and grow more fond of the Philippines is truly a delight for Aimee and I.  Anyways, we are going on a series of day trips this weekend and next week, before Gabriel and I go to Korea to visit some old good friends of mine there.  They’re adoptees like me, and active more deeply in transracial adoption politics.  I’ll be sure to post something about adoption issues (note to self: DRUUMM is sponsoring a trio of events at GA 2005 in Ft Worth on transracial adoption).  Picture of Halo-Halo drink that you eat, super yummy, eating them lots.Halohalo


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