UUA Response to Unitarian Jihad

Kok Heong McNaughton of DRUUMM Asian/Pacific Islander and I forwarded the question of any UUA response to the Unitarian Jihad column by Jon Carroll.  Learn more about Unitarian Jihad on Philocrites site.  Here is the response we received:


One response to “UUA Response to Unitarian Jihad

  1. For some reason my post, including forward, keep deleting on typepad.com. GRRR, will follow up.

    Dear Kok Heong,

    The UUA did not respond to the Unitarian Jihad column. It was an article with good intentions and a fairly positive view of Unitarian Universalism written by an independent columnist, who is free to interpret and comment on Unitarianism to his heart’s delight. We fully support the freedom of the press, including when it comments on our values. Many UUs have greatly enjoyed this article.

    I’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have about this.

    In Faith,
    Erika Nonken
    Public Information Assistant
    Unitarian Universalist Association
    Different people. Different beliefs. One faith. Unitarian Universalism.
    The Uncommon Denomination

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