Mothers Day Pledge by Aimee

Dear Family & Friends,

It is a sunny gorgeous day in NYC and am counting the
days to graduation… who would’ve thunk? It is grace
it is grace it is grace!

And to many of you, I owe a deep debt of gratitude for
your moral support and deep abiding love that got me
through many many dark days 🙂

As I come up for air and now begin to think of life
post-graduation, I am beginning to plan for my summer
stint in Chiapas, Mexico where I will be spending a
month to learn Spanish and demonstrate solidarity with
the Zapatista areas of governance. I will be
specifically helping out the Luna Maya Clinic set up
shop in aid of their mission to reduce maternal
mortality in a highly impoverished region of the area
and provide family planning services in a time when
these services are increasingly threatened.

As I was helped in myriad ways in my life, I look
forward to being an ally to others in need. You can
help as well in such a big way by providing a little
financial aid to this clinic: speculums at cost are
$0.05 each! Old stethescopes from my healthcare
provider friends will be most appreciated! extra
thermometers from your households are in great need!

Any piece of help you can provide will be of immense
aid to this specific local effort to make women’s and
children’s lives easier in their part of the world.
It could also be a tremendous significant Mother’s Day
pledge on your part to help other mothers in
resource-poor areas survive childbirth and have wanted

Maraming salamat,mga kaibigan! Hope all is well and
joyful with your families. I look forward to working
with you as allies to this community in their pursuit
of health and reproductive rights.

With you in peace & justice,

Aimee Santos-Lyons

P.S. Additional questions about the clinic and where
to send donations can be sent to me via email.
Attached is a list of supplies and equipment that
others may have ideas of procuring. Checks for
whatever amount are welcome and can be sent to P.O.
Box 3011 Portland, OR 97208. Salamat salamat!


2 responses to “Mothers Day Pledge by Aimee

  1. aimeee! that u?? remember me from pisay days?! 🙂

  2. she might, email me at and I’ll send her info on.

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