ConCentric Staff 2005

ConCentric Co-Chair Tomoko Takano has been doing a great job keeping track of the nearly 100 volunteers for C*UUYAN Conferences this summer.  She also produced an excellent demographic report looking primarily at the age, geography and gender distributions of our application pool for C*UUYAN volunteer staff positions.  I’ll try to post the results later.  First, here is ConCentric Staff 2005:

Childern’s Programming

Aimee Santos
Mugbook/Resource Book Alex Meade
Worship Bethany Steiner
Workshop Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward
AO/AR Christopher Sims
Transportation Dev Nambi
Biz Mod Erin Riffle
AO/AR Ethan Field
Chaplain Heather Starr
AO/AR Jane Hereth
Biz Mod Jen Hazel
Facilitator Leanne Todd
Secretary Mark Chapman
Registration Millie McMillan
Co-Chair Neal Anderson
Medic Persephone Azadeh
Chaplain Tamara C. Lebak
Co-Chair Tomoko Takano

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