$2.1 Million to UUA

I love Google News where you can customize the front page as well.  I have one for "racism" and one for "unitarian".  There has been ongoing coverage of the $2.1 million to the UUA for Small Congregation work.  Sounds like they are going to establish a new staff position at the UUA (much like they did my position after the Mind the Gap campaign and Sinkford’s election).  I don’t know much, but guessing it will be in the Congregational Services Staff Group where our Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry is.  Here is an exerpt from the article in Foster’s Daily:

PORTSMOUTH — The Rev. Arthur Reublinger has spent his time in the ministry working with small churches — a mission he wants to continue after his death.

This desire served as the basis for his decision to leave a $2.1 million bequest to the Unitarian-Universalist Association. This substantial endowment will fund a small congregation resource center, complete with a director specifically trained to advise on churches of this size.

I would love to see small UU congregations continue to cluster together to provide regional networks for young adults and campus ministry support.  Perhaps there is something to be done here with the new funded support?


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