Departing District Staff

I received yet another announcement this week of UUA District Staff leaving their positions.  Good friend and ally Qiyamah Rahman who has been active with DRUUMM and is a fellow seminarian is among them.  The recent turnover in District Staff (formerly District Field Staff) has caused me to take serious note given the close relation we work to foster between District Young Adult & Campus Ministry and District Staff/Boards.  We’ve had a lot of success in the last 5 years institutionalizing a number of ministry to/with young adults thanks to terrific District Staff support. 

Also leaving are:

Angela Merkert DE Central Midwest, Ellen German DE Mountain Desert, Mary Andrus-Overly DE Heartland.  Old PNWD DE Anne Heller who I knew from my young adult days in Oregon (as a youth it was Rod Stewart, who passed away suddenly), is retiring to her place in the sunny Southwest after an interim in Mass Bay.  Former UUA Young Adult Coordinator Teresa Cooley is the new DE for Mass Bay.  DE=District Executive.


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