Johnson Internship for Young Adults

This email came from a contact at Come to the Feast, perhaps a young adult you know would be interested?  Sounds a bit like Americorp faith-based.

Hi Joseph,

I heard that you attended ‘Come to the Feast’ and thought you might be interested in knowing about the program that I participated in two years ago ? the Johnson Intern Program. The Johnson Intern Program combined all the things that I was searching for at the time ? service work, spiritual development, and time (and support) to explore what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to go.

The Johnson Intern Program is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and housed through the Chapel of the Cross, an Episcopal Church in the area. As a Johnson Intern, you would live in community with four other young adults, be placed at a non-profit agency in the community to do 24 hours of service work a week, and attend a weekly not-for-profit leadership training with interns from Public Allies NC. Past interns have been from all over the

country and a variety of Christian traditions. There are also quarterly

retreats where you can focus on issues like community life, vocation, and spiritual development.

As a Johnson Intern, I made friends who (I hope) I will stay close with for a long time and had experiences that helped me figure out where I wanted to go next. In fact, a fellow intern and I have been rooming together for the last two years as have attended grad school.

If I?ve peaked your interest, visit the website at or contact the director, Mary Agnes Rawlings via email

( or phone (919-929-2193). Also, please feel free to contact me with questions.


Carrie Fesperman


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