Praying with our Senses

Praying With Our Senses

Michael Tino

Eliot Chapel 11:30 AM

May 10, 2005

Prayer is not just something we send out but something we receive.  The warmth of spring sunlight, the song of a bird and the wind in the trees are prayers that mix with the voices of humans in the web of existence.  How can we learn to soak in the gifts of the universe as its response to our very being, and how can we learn to pray with our senses?  What is your prayer–and how are you going to respond to it?

Michael Tino is the Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry at the UUA, a seminarian at Meadville/Lombard Theological School and a candidate for the UU ministry.  He lives in




, with his partner Eric.

Join us in welcoming Michael to our chapel service. 


One response to “Praying with our Senses

  1. Eliot Chapel? Where is this Eliot Chapel?

    There’s one in the St. Louis area… if he’s gonna be here, that’d be freaky. And I’d totally have to go.

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