Frederick to Baltimore to Princeton

I woke up Tuesday morning at the Bishop-Claggett center outside Frederick Maryland where the Young Adult & Campus Ministry Training of Trainer-Consultants and Regional Organizing Consultants event was winding down.  This place was the site of the famous Rob Cavenaugh and Mandy Jacobson (now both Keithan) wedding at which close YACM friends and professionals Rev. Donna Disciullo and Rev. Kent Matthies officiated.  I headed to Baltimore for a long lunch with Donna where we spent a wonderful time together talking about the meaning of life and the course of young adult and campus ministry in Unitarian Universalism.  Her husband Joseph Williamson, the former Dean of Religious Life at Princeton (and also where Donna had the UUA’s Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry from 1993-2001), is also a close friend of one of my academic mentors, James Fraser, whose book Between Church and State: Religion and Education in a Multicultural America was one of my first eye openers and historical reads on the intensely Protestant Christian (and White) character of American Public Schools from its formation.

I then drove to Princeton to meet up with Uncle Danilo and Auntie Fannie.  Got to see their growing daughter Samantha who is playing some mean saxaphone (but thinking of giving it up alas!) and Auntie Jolene who is coming to NYC today for the biggest day of our lives since perhaps our wedding last August.  Aimee’s graduation from Columbia University!  She is coming up with Marliz, a cousin.  I picked up our nice throw carpet and several boxes of books and papers that we just couldn’t squeeze into the tiny manhattan apartment.  But now we’re renting a moving truck and heading to Boston and our new home May 31.

After all that, I drove back to New York City, but not before some relaxing time catching up and laughing with Jolene and Samantha, watching a bit of the St-Louis Philadephia baseball game.  Got home around 11pm, wow, what a day!



One response to “Frederick to Baltimore to Princeton

  1. For some reason when I saw the title all I could think of was lyrics from the Buena Vista Social Club.

    De Alto Cedro voy para Marcan
    Llego a Cueto, voy para Mayar

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