New Batch of YACM Trainer-Consultants

Following up on my earlier report: New ROCS & YACM Trainers April 26, 2005, I am happy to let folks know that we had a successful 4 day training of trainers outside Frederick Maryland.  Alas one of our team Caitlin Anderson who was an original member of the 1997 District Organizing Committee or DOC Team convened by Donna Disciullo was unable to attend due to an ear infection.  I was looking forward to seeing her but will have to wait until GA.  Speaking of GA, Chris Walton continues his excellent efforts to network UU bloggers together, I am wondering if there is a larger, noble yet common goal out there for UU bloggers to be united?  Surely our ability to reach large numbers of UU’s and ultimately the wider (larger, huger) non-UU public is critical.  Perhaps we’ll be a cutting edge of the growth movement of Unitarian Universalism?

The topics of the training of trainers were:

Mattering and Marginality, an anti-oppression exercise
Group Dynamics
Systems Theory
Leading Anti-Racism Dialogues
Workshop Basics
Leadership Development and Ethics
The Young Adult Age Range: Developmental Stages and Needs
High School to Colege Transitions: Spiritual and Social Development
Bridging Youth to Young Adulthood
Contemporary Worship
Finding Funding
Visioning with YA & CM Groups
Advocacy Trianing (awesome, with Rob Keithan and Megan Joiner of the DC Office)
Assessing the Needs of Congregations (with special guest Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris)
Electronic Organizing
Campus Ministry Organizing
Campus Ministry Sustaining
Campus Ministry Institutional Support
Balanced YA Programming
Working with Districts
Parking Lot Issues including anti-oppression, nuts & bolts of setting up and doing consultancy


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