Anti-Racism Updates

Several things to report on:

2nd Bi-Annual Youth of Color Leadership Development Conference is being held at the First UU Church of Dallas pre-GA.  Elandria Williams informed me that 20 persons have applied and been accepted into the program.  This LDC for Youth of Color alternates each year with an LDC for Young Adults of Color and started in 2003 pre-GA in Boston.  Envisioned initially by a collective of UUA staff and DRUUMM leaders, I took the lead on organizing this in 2003 and 2004, Elandria is taking the lead this year and writing a comprehensive planning guide for the Youth component.  I’m looking forward to helping guide the YA of Color LDC in St Louis before GA 2006.

UUA Anti-Racism Identity Development Working Group – Met this week, I joined by teleconference briefly.  A proposal is being drafted for the planning and implementation of a second year of regional anti-racism trainings.  We are still seeking to improve our coordination and support of the 2004 batch of Anti-Racism Trainer-Organizers.  The current thinking is to allocate funds to allow training teams to be established for 3 or 4 regional conferences with enough $ to have regional planning meeting.  I was proposing initially that another continental meeting be held, but this may be more effective, particularly if we can ensure excellent facilitation of the planning meeting and overall planning process.  Our limited UUA staff times needs to be carefully organized.  Thank god for which will seriously improve registration logistics.

Youth-Young Adult Transformation Team – Elandria Williams and Jyaphia Christos-Rogers are leading an orientation meeting for the TT this coming weekend in Boston!  This meeting was set up somewhat last minute as the original plan was to meet before GA.  But this is probably better because it allows the TT to spend several days together and engage in the bonding and trust building activities necessary for good team working relationships.  I am sending my blessings and best wishes!  Reminds me, gotta send the DRUUMM YAYA letter to the TT that was written in January 2005.


One response to “Anti-Racism Updates

  1. So there’s to be a YA of Color LDC in St Louis before GA?

    Oh. Yes. I’m on that.

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