Goodbye Harvard, Going to Philly

Aimee, Gabriel and I just returned from a short trip to Boston.  We got our lease signed in Somerville MA (great new place where Brent Was and Cecilia Owen live), took it to get Gabriel registered for Kindergarten, and spent time with several groups of friends.  In particular, I said goodbye to my cohort in the Program in Religion and Secondary Education.  We had a chill afternoon potluck at Jocelyn Beh’s place and had many laughs.  I’m excited that two of them are seriously planning to move to Portland OR!  We talked about starting a group blog as a way to stay in touch and exchange useful information related to our teaching interests.

Tommorow, Sunday, I’m heading to Philadephia for Chester McCall’s installation at the Church of the Restoration.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing him in Durham at All Souls, San Diego at First Church and now this Sunday I’ll see him in Philadelphia.  I’ll post some pictures from the ceremony and social afterwards!


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