Moving to Boston/Somerville (completely random)

We’re moving to Somerville, yeay!  And we’re on the hunt for furniture in the area.  Starting surfing craigslist (did anyone notice the new personal account feature?) and taking stock of what exactly we need.  Hmm, tables, I love tables, of various sizes and shapes.  Lamps, yes, ambient light!  Bookshelves, where else to put the millions of pages we haul around (with a gentle agitation) and bask in the glow of the written word.  And maaaybe a new TV.  Muahahahaha.  TV and school just don’t mix, we haven’t had TV in the sense of network/cable channels since we started grad school.  One summer of TIVO and whew, I cannot WAIT to hook that baby back up again.  Sounds cheesy, yes, and indulgent, oh my gawd I do thinks so.  But hells (do you capitalize "hell" as in "Hell" in any written tradition?), I feel as though I’ve lived a somewhat spartan life without TV.  Thinking back, I’ve lived almost my entire life without regular television channels.  Lets see, a few years in high school, one year after college, and 3 months summer in 2004. 

New York City felt like Portland today, with the gentle constant rain with shifting grey and black coulds with rays of sun occasionaly streaking through the creases in the sky. 


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