Unschooling Kids

I had a nice long talk with Nancy Edmundson about unschooling.  She homeschool unschooled 3 of them, and they are all deeply enjoying life and higher education (and at elite schools).  Benjamin Ernst has also praised to me the benefits of home schooling.  I am interested, what do others know about this?  Are there many UU’s who are homeschooled?  I have met a number of them through C*UUYAN (actually more than I remember when I was in YRUU – I actually don’t know if I knew of anyone) and have always been a bit amazed or perhaps dazzled by homeschooling.  I haven’t a good idea about how it works effectively (but Nancy has answered many of my questions).  I wonder how homeschooling affects ego?  I wonder what it would do and be like if YRUU Conferences talked deeply about the nature and purpose of education?


One response to “Unschooling Kids

  1. There are actually a LOT of yruu folx who talk seriously about the nature and purpose of education, at conferences and all the time, it’s a big deal and a lot of people are doing a lot about it. more than in the past I’d say. It is really exciting.

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