Advanced Studies

The feedback continues to trickle in that a critical mass of UU’s are seeking more advance campus ministry training.  This is so exciting!  It used to be that there were only a few places where advanced work in UU Campus Ministry was needed as the high turn over and lack of institutionalization fueled a constant influx of newcomers into the work.  But now with a light hand at coordination from the UUA, we’ve identified, stayed in touch with, and are now mentoring advanced UU Campus Ministry Programs across the UUA and CUC.  I counted over 40 paid staff for Campus/Young Adult Ministry last weekend, and I honestly believe there are more.

The first place where this is going to be unveiled is at our Regional Campus Ministry Trainings (RCMT’s).  I am in the process of setting the locations and revising the planning guide for Fall 2005.  Special thanks to Lynn Kelly, Greg McGonigle and the UUCM Advisory Committee for their passion around this deepening and broadening initiative!


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