Regional Needs Task Force 3rd Mtg

The joint task force of C*UUYAN Steering Committee, Conferences Planning Committee and the YACM Office had its 3rd meeting this evening.  The group is attempting to come to consensus on a proposal for establishing Regional ConCentrics.  There is still work to be done but there is a large body of knowledge, ideas and specific proposals to draw on as far back as the founding of ConCentric in 1999.

There is a limited discussion going on at FUUSE that I encourage you to participate in if you have specific ideas or opinions.  The rough vision is to have ConCentric continental one year and regional the next, alternating.  There are concerns/fears/worries that turnout would be so low that failure would kill momentum with some regions taking off leaving others behind.  I think that the health of young adult and campus ministry across the UUA and CUC is truly at an all-time high and that ConCentric in its current incarnation is limited in its effectiveness.


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