Sex Ed Joint Campaign

In preparing for organizing this summer and into next year, I have been spending some time checking out the details of the first ever official joint advocacy campaign between the DC Washington Office, Youth Office and Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry.

Special Advocacy Project on Sexuality Education, Reproductive Choice and Gender Equality.

Check out the website.  I know that one of the events was the start up of a Young Adult lobby day focused on 18-25 year olds held in DC this Spring 2005.  Organized primarily by Rob Keithan, Megan Joiner and Michael Tino (as far as I am aware, could be wrong), it drew together several dozen young adults who trained and lobbyed on sexuality education.  Perhaps Michael will send me some pictures and a more comprehensive update.  I hope that it happens again next year and becomes a part of our YACM programs!


One response to “Sex Ed Joint Campaign

  1. indeed, it’s exciting! actually Kierstin Homblette was one of the primary organizers of the event, which was a joint Youth/Young Adult training. i also hope it’ll happen next year, and that at the joint YO/YACM/WOA retreat another collaboration team will be appointed to work on sex ed advocacy for 2005-2006!

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