Francis David Youth

Scabo Lazi, minister and leader in the Francis David Youth Organization in Transylvannia (primarily young adults age 18-30), passed on their summer/fall schedule.

Main summer–autumn events in 2005 for the

Dávid Ferenc Unitarian Youth Association (DFUYA)

4–10th of July

Camp for Children and Youth from the Diaspora – with the purpose of strengthening the national and religious awareness of children and youth, living as both national and religious minorities. Approximate participation: 50; duration of the program: 7–10 days.


4–10th of July, 11–17th of July, 18–24th of July, 29th August – 4th of September

Camps for Children and Youth (5 camps/summer 2005) – for children and youth living as religious minorities, with the purpose of strengthening their Unitarianism and to brighten their religious life. Approximate participation: 5 x 50; duration of the program: 7 days.

5–8th of August

Unitarian Drama Groups Festival – this is a gathering of local association drama groups for competition and fellowship. It is an excellent opportunity to search for talented youth. Approximate participation: 500; duration of the program: 3 days. Locality: Bölön (in Székelyföld, close to Sepsiszentgyörgy).

18–21st of August

The XIXth Transylvanian Unitarian Youth Conference – the biggest annual gathering of the Unitarian youth with lectures focusing on a theme with special interest for the youth, worship services, assorted contests, folk dances, and other cultural and entertainment activities. Approximate participation: 400; duration of the program: 3 days. Locality: Kobátfalva (in Székelyföld, close to Székelykeresztúr).

6–8th of September

Leadership Training Conference – this is the basic training of the leadership of local associations on the fundamentals of the administration of an association, the techniques of leadership, the principles of teamwork, and the methods of presentation, with the purpose of sharpening our organizational skills. Approximate participation: 70; duration of the program: 4 days. Locality: Homoródszentmárton (in Székelyföld, close to Székelyudvarhely).

4th of November

Contest of Religious and National Knowledge – this is the final competition of local winners. The aims are to increase knowledge of our history and strengthen the connection with the church. Approximate participation: 100. Locality: Kolozsvár.

5th of November

The "Dávid Ferenc Memorial Pilgrimage" – this is a visit to Ferenc Dávid’s memorial at the castle in Déva by the delegates of local associations. We honor the memory of the founder of Unitarianism in Transylvania, and our first Bishop, at the castle of Déva, where Dávid Ferenc suffered imprisonment for life. He died 426 years ago. The pilgrimage activities include worship in his memory, occasional speeches, and small performances, putting a wreath in his memorial cell, old music, and lectures about our church history. Approximate participation: 600. Locality: Déva.


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