5 Young Adults in UUA Election

I just finished reading the UU World’s Election coverage online (thanks Donald o Bloggin’) and am reflecting briefly on the deep participation young adults have achieved within UUA political structures.  Just a few years ago it was rare to see a young adults elected to a UUA committees, and the few who were had little or no relationship with the young adult community.  Not that this is a prerequisite, but it has caused me to critically reflect over the years.  Since 1999, there has been a steady growth of young adult candidates and election winners in UUA campaigns.  Many of them have had experiences in C*UUYAN, built relationships, and are familiar with the broader concerns and aspirations of a growing, vibrant and powerful constituency.  Even the UUA Presidential Candidates have attended C*UUYAN/YACM events such as ConCentric and the GA Young Adult Caucus to introduce themselves and take questions from the community.  Several of the young adult religious professional caucuses I’ve organized and facilitated at GA and ConCentric have been intentionally open to elected young adult leaders and we’ve maintained a fairly strong line of communication as the YACM Office has continued to evolve.  This year there are five candidates that I know from Young Adult Ministry:

Donald Wilson, GA Planning Committee

Catherine Blue, Commission on Social Witness

Michael Ohlrogg, Commission on Appraisal

Megan Selby, Nominating Committee

Julian Sharpe, UUA Youth Observer

Most interesting is that all 5 candidates received the official nomination from the Nominating Committee (which includes several young adults, notably Mandy Keithan and James Coomes who I have had the pleasure of working with through young adult ministry in the past).


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