NYC City of Refuge

Yesterday afternoon Ian White Maher and I went on the Red Dive walking performance art tour of NYC Chinatown, in part thanks to the invitation from artist Dzu Do who I met at GA several years ago.  The tour, entitled "Peripheral City" takes participants through an hour plus walk through the heart of the lower eastside where Native Americans, Jewish, Eastern European and Chinese "Fusonese" settled in waves.  We were able to explore some of the diverse architecture, learn of the oppression, hear stories of struggle and resistance, and ended up at the Museum of Chinese in the Americas.  Dzu played a geographically challenged Vietnamese immigrant and shared his story of coming to the USA in 1975 as a refugee.  I bumped into Ching-In of the Asian American Resource Workshop (Boston) at the museum (aka MOCA or ‘mocha’).

Tour times continue for one more week, meeting at Eldridge and Canal St Sunday at Noon, 1:30, 3:00 PM.  Check their website and call for reservations.

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