International Welcoming at ConCentric?

Fresh back from my trip to the UU Church of the Philippines, I submitted a written report to Rev. Oliva Holmes of the UUA International Office and circulated it with the international UU young adult email network that our office established last year.  There are young adult leaders from England, Philippines, Transylvannia, Khasi Hills, Canada and the USA on the list.  I was talking with the Secretary General of the Transylvanian UUYAN (Francis David Organization or ODFIE) Kriztina Sandor who was in the states a few years ago and attended a Young Adult Odyssey, about several of the ODFIE Board Members (and divinity students) who are coming to the USA for the summer.  I am hoping that they will be invited and partially funded to attend ConCentric in Iowa.

Talking with Kriztina reminded me about the idea of trying to bring together a pair of young adult leaders from each of the national organizations for young adult ministry sometime in the future.  It would be great to see this happen once every three or four years, perhaps even on the schedule of the International Association for Religious Freedom congress meeting.  This summer a dozen or so England UUs are coming to Opus and ConCentric thanks to a grant they received.  We have had Darihun Khriam and Nagroi Sutting from Khasi Hills attend young adult activities at General Assembly.  Each year it seems each young adult movement is growing stronger and our relationships better.  I hope (pray) we can continue to improve ourselves and our ability to support each other.


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