GA – Daily Report

I plan to write each day while at GA.  I’m still not sure yet what the benefit of all this blogging is, but it definitely is a wonderful archive and stream of consciousness about Unitarian Universalism, activism, anti-racism, etc.  I’m looking forward to some of the creature comforts of Ft Worth Holiday Inn Hotel after two weeks in Mexico and Guatemala.  Yes, it is official, I am getting older!  I arrive Wednesday evening, wishing it was a bit earlier.  I’m planning to spend time with:

1. Youth of Color Leadership Development Conference which ends Wednesday (Great Job Elandria and Team!)

2. Young Adult Campus Ministry Booth (the hub of everything young adult!)

3. UU Campus Ministry Reception

4. Youth to Young Adult Bridging Ceremony and debut of Living Faith: UU Campus Ministry Video 2 (Kudos to Benjamin Ernst, Sukhi Sangera)

5. YACM Report to General Assembly (a first, hopefully not a last!)

6. Anchor Congregation Awards Reception

7. Seminarians of Color Meeting (with Bill Sinkford!)

8. Adoptee Transracial Caucus Workshop with Stephanie Cho and So Yung

9. Adoptee UU Panel Moderator

10. "The Other Side of the Bridge" with the UU Men’s Network and UU Campus Ministry Advisory Committee

With this ten point list, I also plan to make time to play Ultimate Frisbee with Marcus Cooley, restarting the fun times we started at GA 2000 in Nashville TN.

One response to “GA – Daily Report

  1. Hahaha. This is, I think, how reputations are started and fed. 🙂

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