POC Ministry in UU Congregations?

The GA Reporter writes about UU People of Color:

Many UUs of color find themselves either the only person of color or one of a small handful within their congregations. It is important for them to be able to network with a larger group during General Assemblies, district and regional gatherings. DRUUMM provides the venue for them to do so. Within the umbrella of DRUUMM are several caucuses each with a specific focus: YaYA is the caucus for Youth and Young Adults of color; A/PIC is a caucus for those who self-identify as Asian and Pacific Islanders as well as their white allies. In the process of formation are several other caucuses: an African Descent caucus, a Bi-racial/Multiracial caucus, an Anti-Racist White Allies caucus, and La Familia Global. It is important that all the different groups work together towards the same goal of beloved community.

Img_0943 (UUA President and DRUUMM member William Sinkford pictured with Don Jackson, DRE in the Joseph Priestly District) 

     The DRUUMM Steering Committee and members have embarked on a more concentrated campaign to establish UU People of Color small group ministry in congregations.  The idea has been discussed for years, and over the last several we have seen three strong groups form at First Unitarian Universalist San Diego (thanks in part to Rev. Chester McCall and Tony Brumfield), All Souls Church DC (Paula Cole Jones), and All Souls Church NY (Marisol Caballero and James Backman).  This is a really exciting development for Unitarian Universalism.

Next year in Boston I hope to host a monthly UU People of Color/DRUUMM dinner at our new place in Somerville.  I know of 25+ folks who have participated in or been leaders within DRUUMM who live within an hours drive.

I hope to see more groups start, particularly at some of the larger UU congregations, but even within clusters of smaller and mid size congregations.  The workshop that DRUUMM led entitled "Creating Community for People of Color within Unitarian Universalism" at GA 2005 was a good start in laying the foundation for more of these small group ministries to begin.

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