Antiracism Improves Communication

Following in the footsteps of the UUA’s Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee, the UU Youth & Young Adult Anti-Racism Trainer-Organizer Collective (ARTO) has started a new group blog at  Already a half dozen of the 25 odd member collective have agreed to join as writers. Step by Step is the UUA’s Journey Towards Wholeness website.  Primarily maintained by Rev. Sean Dennison, there has been no activity since April 2005.

At the pre-GA Stakeholders Meeting for Anti-Racism, concerns were voiced as to the lack of regular communication from the UUA JTWTC on their work, successes, challenges and on going process.  Sean and outgoing Chair Rev. Sofia Creathenn named their website blog as a priority communication tool for the upcoming year.  It will be good to see and learn more about the agenda and activities of this critical UUA transformation committee.

I have a category for Anti-Racism here on my blog.  Check it out for some interesting opinions and resources.


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