Protest Photos from GA: Thin Sharpie Debate

Following up on the discussion about the Death Penalty Protest at GA and the use of thin sharpies, check out the UUA Photo Gallery of the Protest Action.

It is good to see the UUA continue to deepen its understanding of the prison industrial complex.  I remember 5 years ago when YRUU had Prison Reform as its theme for the Youth & Social Justice Conference (now renamed "training") in Washington DC and we went to visit a Prison as part of the conference.  The visit was intense, and many of the youth were unprepared for the experience, but it did establish a relationship and gave people something to build a stronger analysis on experientially.

Also, check out the May/June UU World article on "Ministry Behind Bars".  It is a long 5 page article by Warren Ross who has written extensively about UUA politics and structure over the years [last book I read was the Premise and the Promise about 50 years of the UUA institution since the merger in 1961, I think there is a new one coming out soon!]


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