Stir It Up: Protest and Organizing How To

Given that Boy in the Bands and Philocrites have both posted about some of the difficultly and limitations of the recent GA Death Penalty Protest, I thought I’d offer a resource for folks.

This is a plug for a relatively new organizing book published in 2003 by Rinku Sen and the Ms. Foundation for Women (edited by Kim Klein, series editor).  Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy is a book that I am only beginning to read, but am enjoying for several reasons.  First it is written by Rinku, former Co-Director of the Center for Third World Organizing and editor of the excellent ColorLines Journal of Race, Culture and Action.  She is "younger" in the sense that she is my generation of 30 somethings, has an extraordinary worldview shaped as a woman of color, activist and institutional change leader.  Lastly the analysis based on the case studies is interdisciplinary, links oppressions and builds what I believe are more well rounded and conscious community organizers.  You can order it at Amazon today for $27.00 new or $17 used.

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