UUA Anti-Racism History (Book)

Rev. Chip Roush, Rev. Leslie Takahashi-Morris and Dr Leon Spencer are working on a new Skinner House Book entitled "Journey From Calgary" about the work of UU anti-racism since the seminal 1992 GA resolution (which was subsequently re-confirmed and deepened in 1997 with the Towards an Anti-Racist Multicultural UUA at Phoenix GA).  I met briefly with Chip and Leslie at GA and look forward to seeing their work published hopefully by next year GA 2006 in St Louis.  It is excellent to have this complex but transformative history of anti-racism ministry and organizing documented as we move and continue to engage in this work long-term.

One of the pieces I like is the development of a clear timeline of events and history.  This is something that we badly need, in part to remember the important and sometimes difficult history, but also as a tool to educate and orientate new leaders into this work.  A nice place to start is the Commission on Social Witness "Social Justice Statements" which indexes many of the UUA Board and GA resolutions.


One response to “UUA Anti-Racism History (Book)

  1. Anyone here know how I might get Rev. Chip Roush’s email address. I’ve got stuff for him.

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