Joseph’s July Workplan (boring?)

Looking ahead 6 weeks till Opus & ConCentric, and given that I have a little comp time coming from GA, plus the fact that I am at 20 hours/week for the UUA, necesisitates that I be a bit strategic in my time planning, as always.  I love to work backwards as well, from a major deadline or event, but it is also good to be thinking forward or long-term about the changes we’re trying to implement, organizationally, culturally and ministerially.  So what am I thinking?  Here is a sample, tell me what you think!

Campus Ministry

1. Video Discussion Guide for "A Living Faith" and "Building Intergenerational Wholeness".  Get this included with the DVD sales through the UUA Bookstore (which isn’t posted yet on their website, another follow up).  Send thank yous to folks involved in the video production.

2. Follow up with Regional Campus Ministry Training (RCMT) host sites, speak with coordinator.

2a. Update the RCMT planning guide for the upcoming regional events.

2b. Prepare mailing to RCMT hosts and training facilitators

2c. Recruit, identify and appoint RCMT facilitators from our pool of YACM Trainer-Consultants.

3. Review job description and build draft workplan for incoming student intern Sept 1.

4. Prepare mailing for Aug 22 Young Adult & Campus Ministry Professionals Seminar.  Update email list.  Send announcement for Oct 17 seminar (6 weeks).  Review first session with Michael Tino (our guest speaker!).

Field Organizing

1. Follow up with Opus & ConCentric Planning Team about Queer/BLGTQQ Young Adult Network and connect in Interweave leadership in the potential formation of a new identity based network.

2. Prepare agenda for Expressions in Color pre-Opus Young Adults of Color retreat.  Follow up with host congregation, check in with Opus/ConCentric Deans about the participation of Staff of Color, send announcement to registrants, phone bank interested participants.

3. Update the YACM Professionals contact list into and start up conversation for the new year (last year we had very little dialogue as a collective).  Send out notes from the 2003 YACM Professionals Convo that was held in Kansas City, begin thinking about a 2007 Convo with Michael Tino.

4. Follow up with Youth of Color LDC leadership (pre-GA this year) about new elected Youth of Color member of the DRUUMM YAYA (Youth and Young Adults).


One response to “Joseph’s July Workplan (boring?)

  1. Hey Joseph,

    I was really nice to see you. I am still PUMPED about this GA. What are your thoughts, or did I miss them on this blog?

    I heard about the last night of GA and am HOPEFUL that it will mobilize us more, as a faith, to do the WORK ahead. I am saddened that our YRUUs had to go through this. It was YRUUers, right??? Not that it really matters. Please keep me posted and ENJOY your ‘boring’ (if that’s boring) July.

    Peace and much love to you.
    Chris Long

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