Revisiting LUUNA and Antiracism

At GA I learned that there will be a Latino/a Ministerial Conference at Meadville Lombard the same weekend as the Annual DRUUMM Fall Conference November 4-6, 2005.  While I can’t find any confirmation online, I did speak directly to Rev. Jose Ballester of the struggling LUUNA (Latino/a UU Networking Association) that I used to be a member of.  Doing a google search for LUUNA reminded me of an anti-racism position statement "Bringing Gifts" that they wrote in 1999.  I find this type of analysis and commentary very helpful for us to understand each other and deepen the conversation around race.  I also found this sermon on anti-racism by former Southwest District Exec and former DRUUMM President James T. Brown.  It provides some more excellent context.  This sermon is undated, but I guess it was in 2000 or 2001.  Good for history (and I need to pass the word onto Rev. Leslie Takahashi Morris of the Journey from Calgary book project).


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