News U Can Use – YACM Section

The UUA, for probably as long as I’ve been working there, produces a monthly "News You Can Use" containing tidbits from UUA staff.  I asked for permission to share it publicly but was told it is an internal confidential document for staff (which I’ve informed several other staff about).  Sometimes there is an interesting piece that I’ll follow up with the staff person for direct permissions.  Here is my contribution to the edition coming out Monday:

Congratulations to 6 New Anchor Congregations! Congratulations to 6 new UU congregations recognized by the YACM Office and UU Campus Ministry Advisory Committee for their excellence in young adult and/or campus ministry work. This is the 2nd year we have been identifying, reviewing award applications and recognizing UU congregations that are doing healthy, long-term and institutionally-based UU Campus/Young Adult Ministry. You can see short profiles about each YACM Anchor Congregation at

“A Living Faith” 2nd UU Campus Ministry Video Available – Directed by Benjamin Ernst and Suhki Sangera, and premiered during the GA Bridging Ceremony, this 14 minute video is designed to tell a part of the story of how UU young adults age 18-25 understand and live their Unitarian Universalist faith. A follow up from the 1st UUCM Video “Building Intergenerational Wholeness” produced in 2003, both videos are available together on DVD from the UUA Bookstore for $15. A discussion guide is in the works.

UU Regional Campus Ministry Trainings Fall 2005 – We are planning to host 6 one and a half day trainings for students, lay leaders and religious professionals on campus ministry starting September. Locations include Worchester, Madison, St Paul, Santa Monica, Davis CA and hopefully Unicamp Ontario and Charlottesville VA. Registration will be open online at

YACM Professionals Virtual Seminar – The UU Campus Ministry Advisory Committee is working to support a new 6 week online/teleconference seminar on Young Adult & Campus Ministry theory and practice. Developed to support leaders of programs in congregations, the first seminar beginning August 22nd is full and the 2nd seminar still has a few spaces left beginning October 17th. For more information or to register, visit or contact facilitator Joseph Santos-Lyons

Expressions in Color – The 1st Pre-Opus retreat for Young Adults of Color will be held at the First Church Des Moines, Iowa August 5th-6th before Opus, the annual continental young adult retreat at Camp Hantesa outside Boone IA. Guest speaker is Thuan Nguyen, discussing developing people of color identity and working effectively with and as a communities of color.

YACM Fall Intern – We are excited to welcome Alex Cochran, Antioch College Student, who will be working on Campus Ministry and Field Organizing issues beginning September 1st for the fall semester.


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