Racism Talk Heats Up on FUUSE

This last year I have been appreciative of the community dialogue on FUUSE (primarily youth and young adults) addressing issues of race and racism.  There have been a lot of posts on various topic threads.  Currently there is a fairly HOT conversation (50 posts in a week) following the release of the UUA Board of Trustee letter and initial post by Erik David on FUUSE.com.  I have to give props to Hafidha Acuay of the DRUUMM Steering Committee and Ethan Field of the UU White Allies Organization, plus my colleague Dr. Michael Tino for their engaged and critical comments about the racial incidents at GA and subsequent fallout.  Personally, I am glad there is this dialogue happening.  Every year I’ve been at GA (this was my 10th year), I hear a slew of complaints and incidents, and little is recorded, remembered or acted upon collectively by the UUA or even the people of color community (this would be DRUUMM primarily since 2000).  Thank god there is enough community among the people of color and white anti-racist allies that these issues can be raised and addressed more publicly, intentionally and hopefully effectively.


One response to “Racism Talk Heats Up on FUUSE

  1. Hello. My name is Nancy Glass, and I’m a reporter with Religion News Service, a wire service based in Washington, D.C. I’m working on a story about the UUA board’s letter regarding the incidents in Fort Worth, and I was interested in your post on the subject. Would you be willing to speak with me over the phone? If so, perhaps you could call me at 202-383-7834 or e-mail me at nancyglass1@yahoo.com to suggest a time when it would be convenient for me to call you. Thanks very much.


    Nancy Glass
    Religion News Service

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