To Blog or Not To Blog

Okay, I’ve hit the 6 month mark of blogging practically every day on a whole range of issues.  Really I don’t have much of a focus outside the things that I’m involved in, with an occasional commentary.  The group of Youth & Young Adult Anti-Racism Trainer-Organizers I work with through the UUA decided at a small group meeting during GA to establish a blog as a communication tool, primarily for improving internal communication.  I know that the UUA Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee has their blog for external communication purposes.

I’m thinking that perhaps I should divide/segregate my blogging energies into the projects I’m working on/with, maybe collaboratively?  For example, with the UU Campus Ministry (Advisory Committee and Guest Bloggers), Regional Organizing Consultants and District Young Adult/Campus Ministry Committees, DRUUMM and DRUUMM YAYA.  My personal blog could essentialize more around issues of organizing, personal observation, and potentially grow around theological commentary.

Where do blogs fall along the effective communication continuum, particularly in relation to email lists?

Do you think people would check out blogs if they are continually updated as links from main websites such as the C*UUYAN/YACM Office and UUA Sites?

I think that if I do move to set up multiple blogs, I will use vs, pay for the more expensive features (or request subsidy from UUA for work related blogging), unless someone has a better idea.


2 responses to “To Blog or Not To Blog

  1. I would love to see a YA/CM group blog. There are enough like-minded people, I think it’d be an interesting read.

    I’m not sure how good a “communications medium” a blog is, but I’m also not sure that’s the point. A group blog of that kind would, I think, serve as a information well, allowing you, the ROC’s, other professionals (and guest bloggers!) to weave a picture of not only what’s going on, but where things could go.

    I’m starting to have the same kinds of thoughts in regards to district stuff, my own blog, etc.

  2. Joseph,

    One of the cool things about a typepad pro account (if you can afford it) is that you can have as many blogs as you want, with multiple authors. It’s been really helpful to me to separate my blogs. And, with RSS, it’s not such a big deal to keep track of multiple blogs – I just use a newsreader (bloglines).

    In terms of blogs as a communications medium – they are definitely more one way than an email list, even with comments and track backs. They are a good way of getting ideas and content out there, and getting different kinds of discussions going.

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