Sinkford Appreciates Youth & Young Adults

UUA President Bill Sinkford gave a dynamic speech at General Assembly and noted the work of the significant anti-racism work by youth and young adults:

Skinner House Books, our in-house publisher of Unitarian Universalist materials, is at work on a book called "The Journey from Calgary ." It was at the Calgary General Assembly, in 1992, that this faith committed itself to becoming an anti-racist, multi-cultural community. The story of Journey from Calgary is filled with confident strides forward, including deep buy-in to this work on the part of our national leadership and our youth and young adult communities. It is also filled with stumbles, as we failed to embed these commitments in the vast majority of our congregations.

And the reality is that we should have come further, be further along the path toward wholeness.

The 1992 Resolution, supported and organized in part by the Youth Caucus, is being identified as the beginning of the current incarnation of anti-racism work in the UUA.  I wasn’t there, but would be curious to hear from some who were about the involvement of youth and young adults in this resolution.


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