Youth Council Starts Wednesday

I bumped into Rev. Chester McCall at the Chicago O’Hare Airport yesterday, he was returning from Crossroads Ministry Annual Meeting (aka Advanced Organizer Network) where a dozen UU’s joined other faith leaders and organizers for a week of cross-training and resource-sharing.  I went last year, found the event to be excellent and one I hope to attend in the future.  Chester mentioned to me that he was asked to attend Youth Council this week in Iowa, and I’ve heard from several other justice-centered ministers, seminarians and lay leaders that they have also accepted invitations. 

Given the high profile nature of events at GA with regards to race, identity and oppression, Youth Council as the next big event (minus Con Con) will be an opportunity for reflection integrated into the natural duties of Youth Council Business.  Not an easy task.  I’m not even sure how Youth Council operates now, there used to be an appointed/hired moderator (I did that in 1996), who led the representatives through consensus making.  But now, I don’t know, time to surf the YRUU site and talk to Youth Office staff again to get updated!


One response to “Youth Council Starts Wednesday

  1. You expect to find accurate, and up-to-date information about YRUU goings on from their website?

    You have more faith in that system than I do. I’m waiting to see what comes form this Youth Council. I hope they surprise and impress me, but I’m not holding my breath.

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