Did ASPIRE die?

Checking out ContribUUter’s Stuff for Seminarians, I was reminded about ASPIRE, a seminarians organization.  But alas the link is broken to their website (on the UUA server interestingly), and I haven’t seen them at GA the past two years or longer.  I wonder if they’re gone?  Any ideas?


2 responses to “Did ASPIRE die?

  1. Their mailing list (http://lists.uua.org/mailman/listinfo/aspire) has been completely silent – so I think this is a sign. Can it be revived?

  2. To give credit where credit is due the page was put together by my spouse Dawn, who was a seminarian at the time the page was created. The timeline was done as part of a study guide. And she also put together the parents resource page.

    So, should we remove the link to Aspire?

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