Nowhere to Study on a Sunday

So here I am at Harvard trying to finish an incomplete paper for my Introducation to Educuation and Ministry course (a requirement for Masters of Divinity Students) and I had a heck of a time finding a place to work!  I love using the computers here instead of my laptop, which is old, crusty, and has a screen that I can’t look at for long periods – faded and poor definition. 

But Sundays are terrible here at Harvard, Div library closed, Science library has no computers with Word, Widner, the big famous Harvard library has no computer lab!  (I was told it was a "research" library).  Finally I made it to Lamont, the undergraduate library and they also don’t have a computer lab but have reference computers with Word.  As it is a Sunday, it is slow, so I’m on Lamont computer number 2.  But darn, it was difficult, and well, Harvard is so compartmentalized that it was impossible to find out easily from anyone where I could go.  Okay, this was a complaint post, sorry.

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