I love the new Whats New With UU RSS feed set up by ContribUUter out of Minnesota.  It is a great central place that I go to see whats up with new posts on UU related blogs.  But alas, my site is not getting up there regularly, ContribUUter has been sweet about checking in and seeing if he can fix the problem, Donald Wilson also said he might have an idea.  Sadness to not be included regularly!


3 responses to “Typepad+Webuus.com=Bad

  1. I am still stumped by this one, but have an idea for a possible workaround. On the plus side i did notice this link via “What’s new”.

    One thing I will say is that updates can take up to 30 minutes to show up on the site. So if you post and then go right away to check for the link it likely won’t be there.

    Thanks for checking it out and linking! It’s still a pretty fresh site and hopefully some of the kinks will get worked out.

  2. Upgraded RSS reader

    I upgraded the feed reader for What’s New with UU? and it looks like it is doing a better job with Typepad RSS feeds and UTF…

  3. I have upgraded the RSS parser, hopefully things will work better now.

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