UUMN and not C*UUYAN?

Reading the handout on the YRUU-UUA Consultation on Youth Ministry (check out Lifespan’s website) I was a bit shocked to see that the UU Musician’s Network was listed as a stakeholder partner organization in this process and no mention of the Continental UU Young Adult Network or UU Campus Ministry Network.  Seems a couple of follow-ups are needed!


9 responses to “UUMN and not C*UUYAN?

  1. Yes, I believe that is a missing constituency. I forsee another problem and that is that there are so many people at so many denominational levels identified as stakeholders that for this to be successful the consultation process will need a massive marketing campaign that would have to exceed the “Mind the Gap” effort of a few years back. Do they have the money to pull it off? Otherwise it is just going to be another effort that will be dismissed by too many RE professionals and ministers at the congregational level.

  2. that shocked me too!

  3. They do list UUYAN tho. That must count for something.

  4. I musta missed that, could you point me to where? Here is what I clipped from their report about STAKEHOLDERS:
    The Taskforce on Ministry to and with Youth will review the list of stakeholders from
    design team and identify core stakeholder organizations. The list of core stakeholders
    might include:
    o Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)
    o Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA)
    o Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA)
    o Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries
    o Interweave
    o Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network (UUMN)
    o Association of Unitarian Universalist Administrators (AUUA)

    I don’t see any UUYAN here?

  5. hmm, I wonder if they’ve changed it this quicky. Here’s what I see:


    Affiliate Organizations
    · Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian
    Universalist Multi-cultural Ministries
    · DRUUMM Youth and Young Adults
    · Latino/a Unitarian Universalist
    Networking Association (LUUNA)
    · White Allies
    · Interweave
    · UU Women’s Federation
    · UU Ministers Association (UUMA)
    · UUMA Group for Multiculturalism &
    · Liberal Religious Educators Association
    · UU Service Committee (UUSC)
    · UU Young Adult Network (UUYAN)
    · Camps and Conferences (CU2T2)

    UUA Staff
    · Lifespan Faith Development (including
    the Youth Office)
    · Anti-Racism Identity Development
    Working Group
    · Identity-Based Ministries
    · Leadership Council
    · District Staff
    · Finance
    · Young Adult and Campus Ministry

  6. further clarification:
    (from the process recommendation report)

    Stakeholders were identified at the February Convocation. The design team added a few stakeholders to
    the list, which is included at the end of this report.

  7. Interesting, I’ll re-read through it. What I saw was what was handed out at GA. Those may have been the stakeholders that were brainstormed, but we have no communication from them at this point, stay tuned!

  8. I’m glad I happened across this comment thread! I can try to clarify a little. The long list of stakeholders at the end of the document were brainstormed by the February meeting participants, and added to/compiled by the Design Team at their April meeting. We hope that all these stakeholders will hold conversations of their own, or participate in larger conversations about youth ministry. All groups will get process guides with suggestions on how to organize such a conversation, and the task force will be here to help them if they have questions. The shorter list of “core” stakeholders are folks that the task force will facilitate dialogues with.

    I think what I’m hearing is that folks want to have C*UUYAN be on this list of core stakeholders. I’ve heard this from a bunch of people, not just on this blog. I’ll bring this feedback to the first taskforce meeting, which is at the end of September.

    -Beth Dana (Youth Ministry Associate in the UUA Youth Office)

  9. Oops, forgot one thing. We haven’t been in direct communication with all of the stakeholders yet, except for some groups which we connected with at GA. Check out the timeline for when to expect it.

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