Ye old yUUts, Read ye Synapse

Ethan of the UUA Youth Office has announced that all the old issues of Young Religious Unitarian Universalist Synapse and the Liberal Religious Youth People Soup are now readable online!  Such joy for us former youth types.


The Youth Office is happy to announce that the complete archives of the YRUU publication "Synapse" (as well as its predecessor, the Liberal Religious Youth publication "People Soup") have been scanned and archived online! It could make for hours and hours of nostaligia, historical research, or just plain enlightenment. You can find them at:

Many thanks to intern Daniel Rueters-Ward who spent hours at the scanning photocopier and rummaging through our basement files to make this dream a reality!

All the best,



One response to “Ye old yUUts, Read ye Synapse

  1. That’s seriously awesome! Thanks for bringing this development to our attention.

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